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The Computer Systems Research Laboratory is a research group made up of faculty members and students in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of North Texas. While we are interested in many topics within computer science, our current research focuses mainly on 3D RAM design, Processing-in-Memory and memory analysis tools. We are also investigating hardware and system level security enhancements, ontologies for capturing and analyzing security vulnerabilities.


Summer Research Internships (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Opportunities in CSRL
2-3 positions (research in Computer Architecture and system level security)
Self motivated, willing to learn, willing to experiment and explore​
  - 3.0 GPA (at least in all CSCE courses)
  - Good C/C++ programming skills, possibly python
  - Good Unix/Linux knowledge 
  - Not graduating before May 2019
  - US citizen or Permanent Resident (Green Card)


  Send Dr. Krishna Kavi (krishna.kavi@unt.edu)  by May 14, 2018:
  - Your UNT transcript (unofficial is OK) 
  - Short resume (focus on courses or term project)
  - One letter of recommendation from a CSE faculty member
  - Short description of why you are interested